The Origins

The Domaine Luzi Donadei Fabiani are located in the Italian Langheshire, in Clavesana, Piedmont, annexed to an eighteenth-century period residence with a centuries-old park, immersed in the Langhe vineyards in an exclusive and stylish context and atmosphere, with a familiar and relaxing flavor, away from stress citizen. Our vinification, as well as the management of the vineyards, is traditional in order to obtain a wine that is always slightly different, with that iridescent charm of perfumes and tastes never approved, always surprising.

Our Italian Wines

Our wines are sincere, genuine and convivial at the same time. Like Dogliani Donna Cecilia, a wine with a ruby ​​red color, dark purplish, with fruity and floral aromas. The flavor brings us back to the small black and marasca fruit, with light hints of almond that are its own. Another wine we recommend is Claves Januae, ruby ​​red in color with bright brick reflections. It is characterized by a particular vinous and ethereal perfume with pleasant hints of small fruits of the undergrowth.

Our Clavesana Wines | Langheshire | Piedmont

The Domaine Clavesana, in the Langheshire, Piedmont, inhabited by the same family for four centuries, is inextricably linked to the stylistic features of good taste and good living within its territory. The Borgata Chiecchi Soprani, which closes around the Manor House, is structured by ancient farmhouses useful for the family for agricultural and tourist management, and exemplifies the beauty of the area and the goodness of its wines.

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