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The Domaine Clavesana, inhabited by the same family for four centuries, is inextricably linked to the stylistic features of good taste and good living within its territory. The Borgata, which closes around the Manor House, is structured by ancient farmhouses useful for the family for agricultural and tourist management, and exemplifies the beauty of the area and the goodness of its wines.

The vinification, as well as the management of the vineyards, is traditional in order to obtain that dream of a wine that is always slightly different, with that iridescent charm of perfumes and tastes never approved. We offer our visitor a wine that is always different, surprising, in the context of niche wines. These aims and objectives are decided upstream of the work by the Luzi Donadei family, who has combined their different experiences to satisfy an increasingly demanding public, with the specific aim of making their bottle of wine the mirror of the territory.

For some time, the property has combined the location activity with the production of wine, thanks to the presence of an integrated system that starts from the centuries-old production cellars which, crossing the subsoil, lead the visitor first to the vast halls dedicated to tasting and then to the court halls of the residence. , frescoed, in a frame of elegant exclusivity.

The history of Clavesana and her Dolcetto refers to female figures of paramount importance, in past but also recent eras, such as the figure of Bueta, which was successful in renting working animals, and Mirella Luzi Donadei, mother of the current property, who characterized the wine production, updating and enhancing it, bottling the wine with the label first in its area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement, and which, thanks to its charm and beauty, left an atmosphere of magic and affection in all the inhabitants of Clavesana. Now, the figure of Cecilia, wife of Andrea Luzi, loosens that red thread that binds our history, continuing, with her immense charge of young enthusiasm, the same stylistic features of good taste and good living, in the work of representing the constant search for the quality of our wines and our territory. Hic Bibemus Optime.

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